Friday, August 9, 2013

What.... cheer! flea market

My mom and Lesa, a good friend of my moms, and I all went down to the What Cheer flea market.
We had a good time just walking around and looking at peoples items. I could people watch all day.

There were some places where it honestly looked like people brought their garage sale items and set up shop! I mean honestly people! No body wants your old yucky unsold garage sale items.  Well I suppose someone does but I would seriously question their judgement!

There was one guy who was yelling 25 cents an item all items on the ground!
Of course I had to run over and see what he was selling! I got an old metal laundry hamper, it probably used to have a fabric sack in it.  I painted it and am going to use it for stuffed animals for the kids! Pictures on that later!

We went to just about every booth there.  there was almost always duplicates of items from shop to shop.  It was interesting to see the different priced items! you would go to one shop and find an old metal wash tub and they would have it priced at 15 and the next booth would have it for 28.  I really wanted to tell them they're never going to sell it for 28 when the guy next door has it for 15.  But I suppose everyone thinks their items are worth a certain amount.  There was always the booth that you knew just really liked their items.  They were priced so high I would be shocked if anyone bought anything from them, and they wouldn't haggle with you at all.  They were FIRM.  We usually just skipped right over those booths.

Enjoy the photos!

We ended up buying quite a bit of stuff!!

like our little set up? Mom rolled her eyes... Lesa helped me!

My camp blanket! The picture frame I'm going to paint white and put in Amanda kitchen, and the box is full of old sheet music, stay tuned on the project for that.

My seed sacks I'm turning into pillows

Aren't these just the greatest little kid chairs? The guy got them out of an old school! I couldn't pass them up at $8 for all 4

All and all it was a great trip for my first time!  I will definitely be going back in the future!

Now for what I did with my old laundry basket!

I spray painted her navy blue and put her in the family room! Perfect for stuffed animals!

Hope you are all well, and have a great weekend!!
We will be cleaning out the barn that the workshop is in!! Wish us luck, Dad was somewhat of a pack-rat.  My mother claims I am like him....... I'm not seeing it..