Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to Laeklee!

Hey all!
Its our first post! YAY! We wanted to put a preliminary blog post out telling who we are and our reason for blogging!
We are a family with a love of all things old and making projects out of them to make a new and exciting item!

Sean, Patrick, Graham and Laek
Amanda and Shawn
Graham and Amanda
Julie and Laek

Graham and Patrick Sullivan
have 2 kids Laek (4) and Sean (2) and a dog named Smokie.
Yes Laek our daughter is the inspiration for our shop! and yes her name is Laek Lee.
Pronounced Lake for all who don't know.
Don't think Sean isn't an inspiration either! His name just didn't work for a shop....
Sean Patrick Terrence Sullivan....  a bit long.
Graham is the main creator of our items.  Patrick is apart of our support team.  He holds the full-time job so that Graham can do what she loves!  Hes also the levelheaded one.... 

Amanda and Shawn Gymer
have a black lab name Harley
Amanda keeps us all in check.  She takes care of all items the rest of us cant figure out or don't want to!  We will just call her Excel master....
Shawn will have items for sale in the shop here and there.  He has a carpentry background so he has the knowledge to make some great items!

Julie Rose   
The mother and the ultimate creator.
She has two dogs Max and Lucy.
Shes got her hand in just about everything! She can create and do the business side of it.
We would all be lost without her, even though Shawn might not like to admit it...

Our shop has a bittersweet background that involves the "missing link"
Our Dad
His woodworking shop is where all the items begin.
He passed away Oct 2012.
He taught us so much more then we care to admit and we miss him greatly!
We know that even though hes not here to help, his hands truly are on everything we create!

We hope to post 2-3 times a week about a new project or a DIY you can make yourself! I know that sometimes life can get in the way and we might not make it to our computers to tell you about our week! I apologize in advance!

I hope that you can follow along with us as we start a new business and hopefully revel in our success!

PS. our shop opens today!!